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"The Ceremony Sisters is a space for inspiration and coaching to become empowered in leading ceremonies, developing loving relationships, and creating spiritual transformation in our lives."

Although I am just one woman, everything I have to be grateful for has been though a lifetime of building meaningful connections with 'The Ceremony Sisters' I've had as my mentors, teachers, and friends.

'The Ceremony Sisters' acknowledges that the work I do has been within a framework of years of meditation, women's circles, spiritual gatherings, workshops, and belief in the metaphysical world of all beings being connected.

As an ordained Canadian International Metaphysical Minister, my goal is to give back to the sisterhood that has given me my wings.

I facilitate ceremonies to bring meaning to the moments in our lives that matter. I facilitate meditations to find the peacefulness in our souls. I offer coaching to inspire love and connection in our relationships.

And I openly share what I have learned to empower others to do the same.

-Rev. Tade Credgeur


My Rules: Conversations never need to start with, 'This is going to sound crazy but...' We all experience the world in different ways. I have an acceptance of all faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds because we are always learning and growing.

My Commitment: To create ceremonies, prepare teachings, or provide coaching without judgement.

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